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Our Story ♥


We started Sadie & June from our home in Ottawa, ON in May 2015. With me (Kendall) being from New Jersey and my husband Steve from Ottawa (and us meeting in Florida!), travel has always played an important role in our lives and our little family's story. Our hand-embroidered heart maps were born out of this love and our belief that love knows no borders.  

The concept: I began embroidering through paper vintage map prints that meant something special to me and Steve 

I chose a classic and simple red heart because of how it boldly stands out on each map. The heart can carry many meanings: where you love, where you met your love, where your heart remains, etc. In 2017, Steve learned how to stitch and we both made the decision to embroider our customers' unique stories full-time. 

Just like the red heart, your story gets stitched into a special piece that is made to be a reminder of the places, people, and adventures you hold dear. We love hearing our customers' personal love and travel stories when they share the connection to the piece they chose. 

We offer over 1000 heart map locations and are always eager to get started on the next!

Fun Facts: 

  • Sadie & June are not our names (though we now answer to them!) - they are pets we love. Junebug is our beloved cat and Sadie is Steve's amazing family dog. 
  • Kendall grew up in Hammonton a small town in Southern New Jersey (South Jersey) which boldly claims to be the "Blueberry Capital of the World”.
  • When Steve isn't stitching away, he's writing songs and playing guitar in multiple Ottawa bands 
  • We met at a music festival in Gainesville, FL (The Fest”) and serendipitously ran into each other in NYC at a concert a month later. We take a commemorative road trip to Gainesville every October to the same music festival (well, except in 2020).